Research and Development

The very heart of our business is the Research, Design and Development Department. It is responsible for the ongoing development and advancement of our product and encompasses all aspects of product evaluation.

At King Springs, we rely heavily on input not only from our staff members, but from the many specialist distributors throughout Australia that install our product daily. We regard qualified feedback as an extremely important part of our development program.

Exacting measurements are taken on and off the vehicle to thoroughly evaluate the design requirements.

Advanced equipment such as CAD systems and computer controlled testing machines are used to develop every part number. The spring is then extensively road tested to further fine tune and ensure optimum performance is gained.

Design Philosophy

At King Springs we're in the business of improving. We believe our product, in most cases, is purchased to achieve improvements in 3 major areas:


              *   Height


              *   Handling


              *   Heavy Loading


Our aim with all our designs is that our product achieves the improvements it is purchased for. All springs are designed with Australian road conditions in mind.

All Kings Springs Heavy Duty Replacement Springs are designed to be up rated. The degree of up rating varies between vehicles but can generally be stated at 20-40%.

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